Physical Therapists in Fishkill, Dutchess County, NY

Why Harrison PT?


What continues to drive Harrison Physical Therapy’s growth? Why do we get so many repeat customers and referrals from past patients? Why do specialists from major medical centers look to us to take care of their patients? Why are we able to recruit the best physical therapists in the area? The reason is simple: better therapists, better care, located in an office that strives to provide the highest level of care in a setting dedicated to getting you better.

People do not need to live with the pain or physical deficits that they did in the past. With the cost of healthcare skyrocketing, physical therapy is playing a bigger role than ever before. If you can fix a shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or spine condition with a couple a visits to Harrison PT and save the cost of multiple MD visits, MRIs, and surgery, then why wouldn’t you? Why would you just see the physical therapist down the hall from the doctor’s office, the one that is closest to your house or the guy who works in your gym when you could take a short ride to Fishkill and have access to some of the most highly recruited physical therapists who have training and expertise that is second to none?

At Harrison PT we always encourage potential patients to come in to take a quick tour of the facility and have a brief meeting with one of our therapists about how we can assist them. Once people visit our facility, our enthusiasm and dedication is often contagious and patients leave motivated to attack their injury knowing that they have the right team to work with them.

Harrison PT has the most friendly and thorough office staff who will assist you in verifying any insurance benefits and can schedule you with one of our top therapists who treat orthopedic and sports injuries on everyone from adolescents to patients into their 90s. We alter each treatment to meet your specific goals and needs and promise to do our best to make your rehabilitation a positive experience and help you achieve your highest functional level possible. Do not hesitate to call Harrison PT today!